Every wild-crafted creation we sell comes with a limited-lifetime warranty. That means if there are any issues that inhibit you from using your creation and it has something to do with our craftsmanship we will fix it free fo charge and will also pay for shipping.  

In the event there was something unrelated to our craftsmanship i.e you want the pipe or product to work or feel like it did when it was new we offer a resurfacing option for any product we offer. If your pipe has accumulated a lot of resin after months/years of use we are happy to resurface your pipe (re-drill, refinish) for free, you just have to pay for shipping. I f you have any other questions or concerns please reach out out us via email: thewileyrose@gmail.com  or click on our messaging service to send a personal message via facebook or text.

Examples of products that we might resurface or refinish: