About Us

~The Official Wiley Rose Pendant~

 The Wiley Rose is a collaboration between people and nature. It seeks to reconnect humans to their ecosystem. Be it a cityscape or the wilderness, Nature is beautiful and strong in every biome on this planet we live in. Everything created was found simply walking around the city or on small hikes. The great hope is that carrying, wearing, or using these beautiful babes created from Nature will give people the opportunity to look a little closer at the tiny natural wonders that exist all around. 

The Wiley Rose is a project created from a severe love of all things that Nature creates. After moving to Denver, Colorado from the Suburban Desert of Phoenix, Arizona, Callie Rose and Chris Connot were mind-boggled by how lush the city landscape was. Inspired by Nature and wanting to learn more about their new landscape, they began to experiment with preserving plants and creating displays. After a lot of creative trial and error, The Wiley Rose was created.  

 With a background in Sustainability and Permaculture, Callie facilitates the company heart. This begins with how we access our natural materials. All plants were foraged or harvested with Permaculture principles in mind. All insects were found deceased, unless they were invasive species severely damaging the ecosystem (i.e Japanese Beetles). She then takes gentle care to process and preserve these natural oddities through meticulous use of resin.  Once the plant is sturdy enough to work with, it gets passed to Chris’ table.

Chris is both highly technical and extremely creative. This combination allows for him to take a gentle approach to innovating what was found in nature and shifting it into something functional. With a background in Physics and Biology, Chris is able to shape-shift these natural creations into unique and functional art pieces. These creations are designed to bridge the gap between people and the beauty of the natural world that surrounds, even in our city centers.

Let The Wiley Rose guide you into a more connected and free spirited way of interacting with the world. Bring the wild perfection of nature into your own life and let it inspire you to go on more adventures while exploring your highest self!